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Roof Volleyball Definition: What's A Roof When Blocking in ...

The roof volleyball definition describes the shape of a blocker's hands, arms and shoulders when penetrating the net it looks like the shape a roof on a house. Terms For Volleyball Blocking Skills: After the serve, blockers at the net jump to deflect an attack hit to keep the ball from crossing the net. (Ralph Aversen)

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Terms For Volleyball Blocking Skills: A roof is a blocking action that leaves no room for the hitter to hit past the block and results in the ball going straight down (Al Case) This is the volleyball slang word most players use when they successfully make an aggressive blocking move against that one opposing player that has been making really ...

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A roof is volleyball slang for a strong aggressive blocking action made by a blocker who penetrates hands, arms and shoulders over the net to completely stop and shut down a hard hitting hitter. Terms For Volleyball Blocking Skills: The shape of a blocker hands arms and shoulders when penetrating over the net to block looks like the shape of a roof on a house.

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Roof When a player jumps above the net to block, and blocks the ball straight down. Lollipop A lollipop is a very easy serve. This serve is often done with a high arc which is easy to pass. When you serve a lollipop you will probably get licked. Redwood A redwood is a tall awkward blocker. Redwoods aren t very mobile.

What Is A Roof In Volleyball? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo

1. A roof, or to get “roofed” in volleyball, means when a defensive player blocks an attack or spike so hard, that it immediately gets returned back to the hitter and goes directly to the ground.

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Volleyball Block Techniques for Beach Volleyball

The blocking motion Your volleyball block movement should be a smooth extension from your shoulders upward and forward. Reach up high pushing your hands and shoulders across the net. As you block, flex your stomach muscles (abdominals) to help penetrate the net.

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If you are new to volleyball or looking to improve your knowledge of the sport, dedicate some time to understanding all the different terms, positions, and plays to expect in the game. Whether you are playing volleyball recreationally or competitively, it’s very important to have a good understanding of blocking.

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Youth Volleyball Blocking. Getting Stuffed. Getting stuffed is when a blocker blocks the ball straight down on to the floor just as hard as it was hit. Also, a stuff block is when a ball ricochets off the block into the attackers face or body. Stuff blocks are also calledroofs.