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There are three basic signals for the return direction: crosscourt, down the line, and to the middle. Because most good doubles players are looking to pick off the middle ball, the middle return is most uncommonly called. Similar to the serve signaling, the direction in which the fingers point correspond to the direction of the intended return spot.

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Live. •. Good communication can make or break a doubles team…. It’s easy when you’ve played with someone forever, but what happens when you’re paired with a new partner? Here are some simple hand signals to keep everyone on the same page. Take your doubles game to the next level with this FREE coaching – Click Here!

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In tennis, one of the key aspects of a successful doubles partnership is communication. On court, we use hand signals to agree on doubles tactics and strateg...

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Basic Hand Signals that you should understand. In double, players often do the short serve near the middle line (the safest way) at the pro level. And please hide your signal under the table. Don’t show it to the opponent. Basic hand signals that every table tennis player should know.

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Doubles Hand Signals. 1. The first signal from the net player gives the direction of the serve: to the left, middle or right of the service box. The server acknowledges that she got the signal by saying "Yes." Or, the server says, "No" until she gets the signal she wants. 2.

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Finger - faking (serve where you want to, works best if you go out wide) My usual dubs partner and I don't call poaches, rather the net man signals serve location (closed for up the middle, single finger for out wide). Just knowing the location allows us to be more aggressive at the net.

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Basic Hand Signals in Doubles Tennis. Communication is a very important skill in doubles! All the strong teams use hand signals to plan out the upcoming point. Without proper communication, both you and your partner might end up moving in the same direction after serve, exposing a huge part of your court – a basic miscommunication mistake in doubles.