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Player Roles & Duties | Football Manager 2021 Guide

Player Duties. The player duties, in order from higher risk to lower risk, are: Attack. Support. Defend / Stopper / Cover. The Support duty provides a balance between the Attack and Defend duties. The Stopper and Cover duties can only be used for players in centre back playing positions.

Role Combinations | Football Manager 2021 Guide

Choosing role combinations in each of the main positional areas is detailed individually in the following guides: Enables you to set player roles and duties, and pick the players to assign them to, using the two drop-downs on each playing position icon. Select the top drop-down to set a player role (various names) and player duty ( Defend ...

Player Positions | Online Help - Soccer Manager 2021

The position which is allocated to a player on the Soccer Wiki will determine where they can play within your chosen formation on Soccer Manager. If you are unsure where a player can play then you can use the Player Position Helper to give you an indication of his ideal positions within your chosen formation.

Football Manager 2021 Player Roles Spreadsheet • Passion4FM

Download the FM21 Player Roles Spreadsheet by JTaylor1409. Get the latest Football Manager 2021 Player roles spreadsheet by JTaylor. By clicking the link below you’ll be taken to his website for downloading the required files.

Soccer Manager 2021 Guide: All tactics explained

Player Roles in Soccer Manager 2021 Goalkeeper. Performs just as any keeper, with the responsibility of protecting the goal. Basically a Sweeper Keeper. Defense. The basic role of a Center-Back. ... As the name suggests, this type of Center-Back. will be the main... Midfield. Tends to start the ...

Player Roles Guide for Football Manager | FM Scout

Roles: Defend – This role will make the player focus more on the defensive midfield actions; sitting deep, tracking midfield runners and passing lanes and controlling the temp and pace of your team. Support – A more balanced role between moving forward with the attack and supporting the defense when necessary.

Central Defence Roles | Football Manager 2021 Guide

Player instructions – the player instructions given by the role/duty. Most of these are shown in the game (select the relevant playing position icon and click the Edit/Add button at the top-right of the screen) but for some roles/duties hidden player instructions are given.

Flank Roles | Football Manager 2021 Guide

Contrasting player traits – player traits that make a player less likely to follow the role/duty’s player instructions; Full Back. Game description: The Full Back is a key player in modern football, having to supplement his traditional defensive duties with overlapping runs down the wing to support forward play and help attacks overload the final third.