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1-3-1 Zone Defense. By Hoops U. The 1-3-1 Zone Defense is an excellent zone defensive system that can greatly confuse and disrupt opposing offenses. The strength of the 1-3-1 lies in taking away the perimeter shot, as well as being able to pressure and trap with some minor adjustments.

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In fact, to play a really good zone defense, defenders have to work very hard, sprint in their rotations, move on the flight of the ball, and close-out on shooters with high hands. It's been said that "a good zone looks like a man (and a good man looks like a zone)." Individual Skills Drills Spend time on individual skills each day. These drills don't take a lot of practice time, but are important for developing the skill set necessary to play good zone defense. Stance Drill

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Knees bent, back bent, feet wide and hands down and outwards. Don't let ball handler get past. Place f... Box and One Defense: 4 players play zonal defence in a box, one player plays man to man against the best offensive player.

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The 2-3 zone is the most popular zone defense played. It can be a very effective zone defense, because it still covers the 3-point arc as well as the inside game. Many teams will use the 2-3 zone against athletic teams to limit their drives to the rim and force them to take shots from the outside. 2-3 Zone Drills. Zone Defense Rebounding Drill

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High-Low Post Play Kick Out Options. By Hoops U. This High-Low Post Play can be run as a set play against a zone defense or, if you allow more freedom on offense, it can be a breakdown drill to teach your players where to move against a zone when they don't have the basketball.

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This drill is about building great 1on1 full court defense habits and transitioning into a half court setting. Then you work on all other aspects of your defense. Defending cuts, screens, getting into help position, stopping dribble penetration, etc. 3v3 defensive drills are also great because it's tougher to defend the entire court with three players than with five players like during a game.

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Defensive Specialist is a continuous drill that works on the different defensive movements players will make on defense including closeouts, defensive sliding, back-pedalling, and sprinting. Purpose: Since this drill covers all the most frequent movements players will make on defense, it’s one of the best basketball defense drills to get them used to these different movements.

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To initiate the play, our point guard will dribble over to the right wing, attempting to draw out X1, the defender at the top left of their 2-3 zone. Next, the shooting guard, small forward, and power forward, in that order, will all make a cut.